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Kids Favorite Snow Sled with Steering Wheel and Safety Brakes


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Enjoy Snow Sliding Fun With Greatest Safety!

Are you searching for the appropriate gear for your kids to play during this winter? Sledding is fun for kids, but safety will always be the priority that you would consider as a parent. Worry no more! We got you covered. Our Kids Favorite Snow Sled is powered with innovation and engineered for safety in mind! Now you can watch your precious one enjoy sledding all day long without concerns anymore!

Unlike your traditional ski board, our best sleds is specially designed in the go-kart appearanceAt the same time, it is equipped with double sensitive high-efficiency brakes to ensure you precious one’s safety while catering to dream of being a race driver and getting thrills from nature.

On top of that, this ice sled is constitutes in a triangular structure that effectively reduces resistance and friction of moving forward. Additionally, the center ski is firmly connected with a steering wheel for direction control, which enhances controllability and engagement in the skiing sport.

Most importantly, it is made of high-quality iron, which ensures the firmness and durability of our best snow sled’s. The PE+PP material with excellent low temperature resistance also helps to withstand bad weather. Meanwhile, the lengthened steering column evenly disperses impact and prevents cracks or damage, extending the service life of this snow sled.


  • STYLISH GO-KART RACING DESIGN – This winter sled is designed in the go-kart appearance, catering to dream of being a race driver and getting thrills from nature.
  • TRIANGULAR STRUCTURE – Constitutes a triangular structure and greatly reduces the resistance of moving forward, effectively reducing the friction. Meanwhile, the center ski of the snow sliders is also firmly connected with a steering wheel where allows you to easily control the direction. 
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL AND WIDENED SEAT – PE+PP material with excellent low temperature resistance can withstand bad weather. The widened seat gives you a higher sitting position which is more comfortable as well as guarantees your safety. These features greatly extend the service life of snow board sled.
  • SUPERIOR SAFETY – Made of high-quality iron, our ski sled ensures firmness and durability. More than that, it is equipped with the double sensitive brakes with high efficiency. And the lengthened steering column disperses impact evenly and prevents any cracks or damage.
  • PERFECT GIFT – This children sledge is suitable for ages over 4 years, an optimal Christmas gift for your kids or friends. And equipped with a pulling rope, children can be easily towed by parents on the flat ground or enjoy a ride on gentler slopes, which will greatly promote the relationship between kids and parents.


Material: Iron, Polypropylene (PP) + Polyethylene (PE)
Dimension: 44”(L) * 20”(W) * 16″(H)
Net Weight: 13 LBS
Weight Capacity: 165 LBS
Recommended Age: Above 4 years old
  • Spectrum Red
Package Includes:
  • 1x Kids Favorite Snow Sled with Steering Wheel and Safety Brakes
  • 1x Manual Guide Book


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