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Hk4200a-3 Hydraulic Outboard Steering System Kit Hc4645h Hk4200a3 Ht4420h


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  • 【BUILT-IN TWO WAY LOCK】- The cylinder is equipped with a built-in two-way locking valve which eliminates rebound torque during torsion.
  • 【QUALITY NYLON HOSE】- High-strength nylon hose with quick-fit 1/4 pipe fitting for easy installation and multiple re-use.
  • 【ALUMINUM ALLOY CASING】- High-strength aluminum alloy casing ensure wear resistance and corrosion resistance, effectively preventing seawater erosion.
  • 【REPLACEABLE SHAFT SEAL】- The pump has a shaft seal that can be easily replaced, this is a user-friendly design for your use.
  • 【COMPACT & NEAT】- The hydraulic pump has compact internal structure and stylish exterior. For boats rated to a maximum of 150 HP.
  • Specification

    Pumps NR150
    Max Pression Bars 6.9Mpa (1000psi)
    Cylinders MR150
    Applicable UP TO 150HP
    Volume 118 CC


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