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Heavy Duty Portable Table Saw – Mini Compact Benchtop Table Saw


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Looking for a handy portable table saw that will help you create unique and high-quality model crafts? Our mini table saw was built to cut through extremely hard materials with extreme ease and precision. 

To help you produce perfect cuts, the compact table saw was fitted with rulers on all sides to act as accurate guides. It also comes with a sturdy stopper that assists you in steadily passing the material through the blade. 

Fitted with miter gauge, the benchtop table saw give objects a stable base to sit on to create straight and linear cuts. Because of its flexibility design, the miter gauge on the small table saw helps you to feed the objects to the blade at different angles. 

Most importantly, the Portable Table Saw comes with a protective fence that safeguards your fingers from getting injured while you cut. Saw into hard and thick materials with convenience and ease by using our premium compact table saw!


  • This table saw cannot be used to cut high-density board, iron, steel.
  • Wide application range, can be used for metal cutting, suitable for soft metal materials such as aluminum; also can be used for hardwood cutting, plastic cutting, acrylic cutting, etc.
  • Strong power and lasting stability, cutting depth 35mm, cutting smoother.
  • Angle cutting, cut out 0‑90 degree angle at will, accurate and efficient operation.
  • Made of high-quality material, safe and eco‑friendly, firm, and durable.
  • A set of tools are available for use, enough to meet the installation and use needs.


Material: Metal
Color: Black
Product Weight: 8 lbs
Dimension: 7.5″(L) x 6.3″(W) x 3.9″(H)
Voltage: 110-240V
Speed Adjustment: 7-Level Speed Adjustment
Cable Management: Yes
Max Weight Capacity: 50 pounds
Angle Cutting Function: 0-90° Angle
Output Rotating Speed: 1000-3000r
Motor Rotating Speed: 8500/min
Chuck Range:  Approx. 1.5 – 10mm
Flexible Shaft Chuck Range: Approx. 0.3 – 4mm
Saw Blade Diameter: Approx. 125mm
Maximum Cutting Depth: Approx. 40mm
Standard Saw Blade Diameter: Approx. 110mm
Standard Cutting Depth: Approx. 35mm
Package Includes:
  • 1x Heavy Duty Portable Table Saw
  • 1x US Plug Power Cord
  • 1x Power Supply
  • 1x Drill Chuck
  • 1x Sticky Disk
  • 5x Sandpaper
  • 1x Multi-function Saw Blade
  • 1x Ti-Plated Emery Saw Blade
  • 1x Wood Cutting Saw Blade
  • 1x Flexible Shaft
  • 1x Long Metal Black Bar
  • 1x Acrylic Board
  • 1x Set of Tools


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