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Heavy-Duty 1.5 Gallon Stainless Steel Concrete Garden Sprayer


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Looking for a valuable tool to help you out? Do you know that a garden sprayer will help you to provide an easy and efficient method of delivering the right amount of material to your garden. With our 1.5 Gallon stainless steel hand-pumped sprayer is a practical and multi-functional tool for indoor and outdoor use. This sturdy sprayer is compatible with most commercial liquid fertilizers and boasts a large low piston. It will definitely be a smart choice for your home and gardening. 

With a 1.5 gallon capacity, our hand pump sprayer is large enough to meet your needs and is made of durable stainless steel and rust proof.

This stainless steel sprayer features an adjustable brass nozzle that can be tightened for shower spray and loosened for water column spray.

Our sprayer is designed with humanized details, such as a large and strong pressure bar for easy handling, a security valve for stable pressure, and a pressure gauge for visibility.


  • ADJUSTABLE SHOULDER STRAPThis adjustable shoulder strap garden pressure pump is portable to wherever you need, helping you to finish your project quickly.
  • VARIOUS USES – This sprayer is widely used for indoor and outdoor use like home disinfection, garden spray watering, car washing, house or garden cleaning.


Material: Stainless Steel
Dimension: 16.9″ * 7.3″
Item Net Weight: 6.28 Ibs
Volume: 6L
Pressure: 1.5 – 4.0 Bar
Lance Length: 16.1″
Hose Length: 3ft Reinforced Hose
Adjustable Spray: Columnar & Spray
Package Includes:
  • 1x Heavy-Duty 1.5 Gallon Sprayer
  • 1x Accessories 
  • 1x Detachable Strap


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