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Handbag/Pocket Automatic Umbrella


Handbag/Pocket Automatic Umbrella

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Our popular ‘Flip’ Umbrella’s ‘Little Sibling’, The ‘Flip Compact’ Umbrella!



The ‘Flip Compact’ is an Automatic, Bag or Pocket sized Umbrella with the technology and many of the benefits of the Flip Umbrella and a few more!

‘Flip’ Unique Reverse Folding Technology;

  • Flip folds dry and doesn’t drip when it’s closed – to put in your bag or pocket without getting everything wet
  • Opens and Closes in Tight Spaces
  • Windproof – 8 Ribbed Windproof Designed Canopy
  • UV Sun protecting canopy
  • Stunning Floral and Coloured Patterns & Designs

But the Flip Compact ALSO;

  • Automatically Opens and Closes instantly at the press of a button
  • Opens to 100cm diameter across the canopy and 65cm from handle to tip
  • Folds and Closes down to a mere 13 inches (33cm’s) and slips into its neat cover, safe and dry



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Weight 0.500 kg

Pink Blossom Compact, Purple Sunflower Compact, Yellow Sunflower Compact, Starry Sky Compact, Blue Lotus Compact, Cloudy Sky Compact, PINK PASSION COMPACT


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