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Fruit Vegetable Slicer Cutter 0.2-10mm Adjustable Slicer Machine Potato Desktop


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  • 【WELL FORGED BLADE】- The manual slicing machine, made of safe and sanitary strong and durable aluminum materials, has double forged stainless steel blades that are sharper and harder. The whole body can thoroughly be washed by water without worry about getting rust. Thanks to the detachable blades, it’s much easier to get it changed and cleaned. We offer you high qualified products and reliable user experiences.
  • 【ADJUSTABLE THICKNESS】- The adjustable thickness ranges from 0.2 to 12mm to meet different needs. By rotating the adjustable knob clockwise, you can cut thicker slices, and for thinner slices, you need to rotate it counterclockwise.
  • 【EFFICIENT HANDLE & SPRING】- There is a handle, used to save your efforts in your slicing process and to avoid careless cutting to your finger. It’s more efficient and convenient. The high elastic spring can pop out the food and ensure your precise slicing.
  • 【EXCIELLENT PERFORMANCE】- With large capacity feed chute and adjustable pushing rod, all kinds of food, no matter long or short, hard or not, small or big chunk, can all be sliced easily. The base with the adsorption pad reinforced its stability and increased its safety.
  • 【MULTIFUNCTION】- This slicing machine can use on many occasions. It can slice fruits and vegetables widely used in commercial places like restaurants, cafeterias, hotels, and fruit shops. It is also very popular among the housewife for home use.
Dimensions(H*L*W) 400*290*250mm / 15 * 10.5 * 9.8 inch
Trough Diameter 190*150*170mm / 7.5*6*6.7 inch
Blade Diameter 165mm / 6.5″ inch
Materials Aluminum + Stainless Steel
Blade Thickness 1.87mm
Adjustable Thickness 0.2-12mm
Gross Weight 7.25kg/ 16Ibs
Net Weight 5kg/ 11Ibs


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