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Fold-a-Jack V-Head High Pipe Stand, Pipe Capacity 12″, Height 28″-52″


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  • Heavy Duty V-Head: The pipe stand with a durable V-head is suitable for the pipe size of 1/8 to 12 inches (0.32 to 30.48 cm). The steel structure of the pipe jack stands is more durable resistant to rusk and corrosion. Lifting weight can be up to 2500lbs/1134kg.
  • Adjustable Construction: The height of this pipe jack stand can be adjustable from 28″ to 52″/71 – 132 cm to meet different needs. The locking ring allows for quick vertical height adjustments.
  • Folding & Portable Design: The whole jack stand with a folding design makes storage won’t take much space. The slip-proof rubber handle allows you to carry it easily.
  • Great Stability: The pipe stand shows excellent stability because of its tripod structure. The rounded footpads of this stand are widened. And the strut tension plate for superior lateral support.
  • Wide Application: Widely used in the welding of heavy pipes, shapes, solids, and rounds. Support pipe during pipe threading, hole cutting, roll grooving, etc.


Model 1107 V-Head
Material Steel
Head Type V-Head
Load Capacity 2500 lbs/1134 kg
Height 28-52 inch/71 – 132 cm
Pipe Capacity 1/8 in-12 in
Leg Type Folding Design
V-Head 7.10 in x 3 in


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