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Fits 1 Or 2 Steps Iron Handrail Picket Stair Rail Matte Black Paver Steps Office


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  • Flexible for 1 or 2 Steps: Max Height for Steps: 6.8″/17.3 cm; Distance Between Posts: 11.8″/30 cm; Upper Post Height: 38.2″/97 cm; Lower Post Height: 38.5″/97.8 cm. Due to the flexible height, our wrought iron handrail fits your 1 or 2 steps according to the different sizes. It is perfect for helping people keep balance in the rain or winter and prevent skidding.
  • Sturdy Wrought Iron: This outdoor stair railing is made from durable wrought iron material with thick solid bases, which is more rigid and reliable than aluminum products. The stable and sturdy construction ensures an excellent load capacity to provide a secure grab bar for your family. Moreover, the ergonomic design is adopted to create a comfortable grip.
  • Effortless Installation: The front porch hand rail is easy to assemble with complete accessories, including 4 x M6 bolts, 4 x M8 bolts, 8 x self-tapping screws, 8 x expansion screws, 2 x wrenches, and 12 x gaskets. Just choose your desired location, mark it, drill holes on the mounting surface, set up screws, and finally place base trim over fasteners. It only takes a few minutes to finish the installation.
  • Stylish & Delicate Design: Our handrail for concrete steps features a smooth powder-coated surface with chic black, which allows you to clean it with water or cloth easily and quickly. Its classic curly side design is beautiful and delicate, making it more ornamental and eye-catching. In addition to providing security protection, the handrail also decorates your stairs.
  • Extensive Application: The railing for steps provides extra security for the elderly, children, pregnant, disabled family members, and people after surgery. It can be installed on concrete, brick, and wood steps of porches, balconies, gardens, residential buildings, hotels, garages, etc. This outdoor railing is ideal for places where you cannot attach to a wall or structure.
Model Picket#1
Material Wrought Iron
Steps 1 or 2
Max Height for Steps 6.8″/17.3 cm
Distance Between Posts 11.8″/30 cm
Upper Post Height 38.2″/97 cm
Lower Post Height 38.5″/97.8 cm
Color Black
Product Weight 20.3 lbs/9.2 kg


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