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Combo 20LBS Portable Semi-Automatic Mini Washer And Dryer Machine


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Say goodbye to laundromat trips, kitchen sink takeovers, and overfilled laundry bags in your suitcase. Take your washing experience into the next level with this advanced washer and dryer portable machine! Our Combo Portable Washing Machines makes washing a lot faster and better because it can wash and spin your clothes simultaneously using its dual tub design.

This revolutionary mini washer and dryer machine do the job of full-sized models, but still prioritize the space and convenience. They’re smaller and less powerful, but shouldn’t be underestimated. As long as you have the correct water source, like a sink hook-up or bucket of water, you can expect your clothes to come out nice and clean.

The two tubs, one for washing and other for spin drying, have separate timer control settings for simultaneous operation. Additionally, this compact washer machine has a eco-friendly design that uses less water and detergent to save more resources. Not only it is extremely easy to use, it also helps you finish the tedious duties in no time!

This washer is ideal for caravans, student flats and small accommodation where space is limited. The machine runs off 120V power and will take up to 12lbs capacity for washing and 8lbs capacity for spinning. 


  • ⭐ RELIEF YOUR HAND – This portable washer and dryer machine designed with a separate wash timer, wash selection and spin timer, You can decide the washing time and washing mode and spin time based on the clothes you need to wash, it is more humanized, saving water, saving power, saving detergent for you. Your clothes will be washed cleaner than you can expect from a portable washing machine.

  • ⭐ POWERFUL SPIN DRYER – The super-efficiency of the spin dryer of this mini washing machine can dry your clothes quickly and dry up to 97% in one operation session!

  • ⭐ CLEAN WASHING FUNCTION – Powerful the motor means your clothes will get even more clean than any other regular compact washing machine. We upgraded the motor of this portable clothes washer to a super powerful motor to wash your clothes cleaned impressively. Best part of all, it’s not just powerful motor but it is also more power-saving than any other common twin tub washer machine out there. 

  • ⭐ HUGE LOAD CAPACITY – It holds 20 lbs (12lbs for washing and 8lbs for spinning) for each load, spacious compartment inside for your loads. If you live in an apartment, look no further of this best portable washer. This is a must-buy for you. It is also space-saving and offers a relatively quiet operation.


Material: ABS + PP
Color: Gray & White
Dimension(inches): 24.8″(L) * 15″(D) * 28.5″(H)
Item Weight: 29.3lbs
Voltage Supply: 120V / 60Hz
  • Washer: 260W
  • Spinner: 140W
Rated Capacity:
  • 12lbs – Washer
  • 8lbs – Spinner/Dryer
Length of Inlet Pipe: 44.5″
Length of Drain Pipe: 20.5″
Package Includes:
  • 1x Combo 20LBS Portable Semi-Automatic Mini Washer And Dryer Machine
  • 1x Manual Guide Book


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