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BEST 2022 Combo Standing Upright Rollator Walker With Seat


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Rollators Walkers is definitely a life-changer for people who are struggling with mobility issues, but not all rollators are suitable for everyone.

A good rollator walker doesn’t just provide mobility assistance, having an ergonomic design that provides a comfortable posture, which is a thing to consider before purchasing for your loved one.

Our upright walker is specifically designed to assist patients with neck, spine, neurologic, or orthopaedic disorders, as well as the elderly, in keeping their back upright when standing or walking.

It relieves painful pressure on the shoulders and back, allowing your back to be erect and your eyes to be primarily focused on the front, making your walking safer and more relaxed.

With this convenient seat that is attached to our upright walker, you can now have a rest anywhere you want. Just push forward to lock the rear wheel, so it doesn’t move while you’re resting, making your rest comfortable and secure! Besides, there’s also a detachable bag that allows you to store your belongings or extra stuff that you need to carry on the go.

Lastly, our upright walker comes with 8-inch wheels that have 360° swivel front wheels for easy manoeuvring and is sturdy enough for an indoor and outdoor smooth ride. This makes your walking with our best mobility walker stable and confident!


  • DUAL BRAKING SYSTEM – Our standing walkers are equipped with a dual braking system for extra safety, and you can just push forward to lock the rear wheel for extra grip while you’re sitting on top of the seat.

  • ULTRASOFT PADDED ARMRESTS – The ergonomic U-shaped holder keeps your forearms at a natural level and it also helps to relieve painful stress on your shoulders and your back.
  • ADJUSTABLE HANDGRIP TUBE – Regardless of the other great features, our standing upright walker allows you to adjust the length and the adjustable angel tube provides you with a more natural posture, so you won’t feel stressed after using it for long hours.

  • AID PEDAL – With this aid pedal attached to your rollator walker, you can cross the threshold or obstacle easily without a hitch.

  • FLEXIBLE – When it comes to the installation, our rolling walker can be installed without any tools. You can just set it up within 15 minutes! The compact design allows your storage and transportation to be simpler and effortless.


 Material: Aluminum

    Dimension(inches): REFER TO THE PICTURE BELOW
    Item Net Weight: 23 LBS
    Color: White
    Weight Capacity: 300 LBS
    Armrest Height Range(inches): 39″ to 41″
    Wheel Size(inches): 8″
    Recommended Height:
    • Totally Upright: 5’1″ to 5’11”
    • A Little Stoop: 5’11” to 6′
    Products Includes:
    • 1x Combo Standing Upright Rollator Walker With Seat
    • 1x Umbrella Holder
    • 1x Removable Nylon Bag
    • 1x Manual Guide Instruction



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