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Spacious Adjustable Over The Bed Desk – Work From Home Desk


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Turn Your Bed Into Your Home Working-Office Today! 

You can work on your projects comfortably and conveniently. Our over the bed desk is very spacious that your laptop, work materials and snack will fit perfectly.

For comfort and convenience, the over the bed table can be adjusted up and down which means you’ll be able to position it at the perfect height to match your needs. You can also use not only for work but it’s great if you love having breakfast in bed.

It comes with barriers on three sides, keeping your things from toppling over onto your bed. It is also equipped with easy-rolling wheels which makes it easy to move along your bed for better working experience and comfort.


  • MULTIPURPOSE – Versatile design, the over the bed table can be used as a computer desk and it can be pushed back onto a wall and be used as a standard work table or standing work station
  • PORTABLE – With fitted wheels, the over the bed table can be rolled up and down your bed and not only that, it helps you position it around your home without a hassle
  • DURABLE – Built with high-quality metal frame which makes it durable and carry multiple things at once. It comes with an MDF board tabletop that won’t wear down through years of use


    Material: Metal
    Color: Maple
    Weight 36lbs (16kg)
    Width: 17.6 Inches
    Height Lift: 21.7 – 33.5 Inches
    Length Stretching Range: 57 – 94.5 Inches
    Package Size: 55.1 x 21.7 x 3.9 Inches
    Package Includes:
    • 1x Over The Bed Desk
    • 4x Wheels


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