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75ft Generator Power Cord 50-amp 125/250-volt 14-50p To Cs6364 Locking Connector


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  • 50A Pure Copper Cable: Current: 50AMP, Voltage: 125/250V, Power: 12500W. This 50A power cord has passed UL certification and is pure copper wires. It has 6/3+ 8/1 (3 wires at 6 AWG, 1 wire at 8 AWG) cable, which is heavy-duty but flexible enough to be managed.
  • 75FT Power Cord: The 75FT length generator cord is suitable for long-distance operation. Possessing the capacity of STW, this 50 amp generator cord can be used indoors and outdoors in all weather and seasons.
  • Twist Locking Design: Locking ring design keeps dust and rain out of plug connection. When the plug is inserted and twisted into the locked position, it will not slip from the generator socket due to wind, hurricane, heavy rain, snow, etc.
  • Portable Strap: The ergonomic grip makes it easier for you to plug and unplug. The plastic strap makes the cord neat when not in use. This generator wire is perfect for emergency generator connection to help power the entire home, office, shop, etc.
  • Wide Application: This cord enables an easier reach from your generator to your nearest power receptacle or electrical connection. So you can use secure electricity when you are home, working, or outdoor traveling
Configuration N14-50P/CS6364 Locking Connector
Rating 50 Amps, 125/250 Volts
Cord type STW 6AWG/3C+8AWG/1C 100% copper
Length 75 Feet
Temperature -104°F~221°F
Maximum Wattage 12,500 Watts


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