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72″ Steel Pallet Fork Extensions Forklift Lift Truck Slide On Clamp Fx 72″ 4.5″


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  • 【FIT FOR 4.3 INCHES FORKLIFTS】 – The forklift extensions are 72” in length, 4.5” in inside width, ideally suitable for 4.3″ width pallet forks. They extend the size of the original forks, giving more space to fork cargoes at one time. The large weight capacity makes it capable of undertaking most lifting tasks in a warehouse or building site.
  • 【ALLOY STEEL & POWDER COATING】 – These fork extensions are made from high tensile steel, providing extra preservation and reinforcement to your equipment. Because of their heavy-duty steel construction and yellow powder coating, these extensions won’t rust or corrode, so you can enjoy them for years to come.
  • 【EFFORTLESS INSTALLATION】 – It is effortless to install the pallet fork extension by yourself without any tools required. Just slide the extensions onto your current pallet forks and ready to work! And the steel retaining strap keeps extensions from sliding off forks, ensuring maximum security.
  • 【WELL-DESIGNED DETAILS】 – The forklift forks extensions are designed with seamless welding construction, making the structure sturdy and not easy to bend. Besides, the front curved shape is convenient for stable movement and not easy to damage the goods.
  • 【MULTIPLE USAGE SCENARIOS】 – Our pallet forks extensions are suitable for construction and farming jobs for moving large and heavy loads & debris. Adding these extensions to your tractor or forklift allows you to finish your works efficiently.
Model 72 x 5″ Fork Extension
Fit Forks up to 4.3″ / 11 cm Width
Material Alloy Steel
Overall Length 72″ / 182 cm
Usable Length 68.5″ / 174 cm
Inner Width 4.5″ / 11.5 cm
Outside Width 5″ / 12.7 cm
Thickness 0.2″ / 5 mm
Weight 61.1 lbs / 27.7 kg


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