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3cfm 1/4 Hp Vacuum Pump Hvac Refrigeration Gauge Refrigeration Kit Us Stock A/c


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  • High-quality Vacuum Pump: FAD: 3 CFM, Single Stage; Power: 1/4 HP; Ultimate Vacuum: 5PA. The vacuum pump has a die-cast aluminum housing and composite rubber base for lightweight and durable construction. With the low noise output and built-in thermal protection, the pump runs quieter and protects itself from burning out when something is stuck to improve working efficiency.
  • Precise Manifold Gauges: The refrigeration kit has manifold gauges. The dual-pressure gauges are of high quality, allowing you to know the actual working pressures anytime to facilitate easy maintenance systems. Besides, the oversized sight-glass is designed for easy viewing of the refrigerant flow.
  • Multifunctional Hoses: The three hoses are made of premium rubber with different colors. Their brass fittings are 45 degrees on one hand and straight on the other, providing a leak-proof seal. Characterized by high working pressure and various connection sizes, the hoses can satisfy your different requirements.
  • Complete Refrigerant Tool Kit: This tool kit has complete accessories, including a one stage rotary vane vacuum pump, a manifold gauge, three color-coated hose. There is a carrying case for gauge, hoses, and other accessories, so you can organize them and carry them easily. A professional refrigerant tool kit facilitates your maintain work.
  • Wide Application: The vacuum pump features a simple oil fill port for a clean pour and oil drain plug positioned beneath the oil reservoir. This refrigerant kit is widely applicable to household air conditioning, automotive units, refrigerators, refrigeration units, vacuum packaging, refrigerator vacuum, industry, etc.
Rotating Speed 1440 RPM
Intake Fitting 1/4″ & 3/8″
Vacuum Pump Single Stage
Hose Burst pressure 4000PSI
Power /Voltage 1/4 HP, 110V / 50-60Hz
Hose Max working pressure 800 PSI
Free Air Displacement 3CFM, 84 L/M
Ultimate Vacuum 5 Pa
Low pressure 0~500psi
Hose Max working pressure 800 PSI
Connection size 1/4″SAE, 5/16SAE”


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