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33″ Strong Iron Larger Digital Keypad Security Box W/ Safe Lock Money Jewelry


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  • Solid Steel Construction: Our security safe box is constructed of heavy-duty steel structure, which can resist the impact of hands and mechanical tools. The inner and outer surfaces are all powder coated, and the bottom of the interior is covered with gray carpet pads, including anchor bolts.
  • Two Unlocking Methods: The user can use the attached key or a custom numeric code programmed by yourself. The system can be changed indefinitely. A red password reset button is provided on the back of the door. The magnetic lock can automatically lock the safe without any key or password.
  • Large Storage Capacity: Lock safe box includes two independent safes to enhance security; the easy-to-use deposit slot in the table allows you to deposit at the end of the day quickly.
  • Simple Installation: There are pre-drilled holes in the digital safe box, which can be better fixed on the floor, wall, or cabinet. Four 1.5V AA batteries can power the safe.
  • Diverse Application: Safe box for the home can securely store cash, jewelry, guns, documents, and other valuables. This digital double door safe is an excellent choice for convenient offices, homes, shops, restaurants.


Runs on 1.5v batteries
Security code from 3-8 digits using any number from 0-9
Time out period after 4 incorrect combination attempts
External total dimensions 29 1/2″h x 13 1/2″w x 13 1/2″d
Internal dimensions top 9 3/5″h x 13 1/2″w x 11 2/5″d(9.6*13.5*11.4)
Internal dimensions bottom 19 1/2″h x 13 1/2″w x 11 2/5″d(19.5*13.5*11.4)
Capacity 2.6 cu ft (ca. 74 l) (top 0.855 + bottom 1.737)
Gross weight 40 lbs / 18kg


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