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3-in-1 ELITE Multi-Flexible Baby Bedside Bassinet Co Sleeping Crib




Are you undecided about which bedside bassinet is the best for your little one? Our bedside sleeper cot will ensure that you and your baby can sleep comfortably and peacefully throughout the night. It is made of high-quality material that is super sturdy and durable.

Secure Structure and Reinforcement Fixed Straps 

Our best bedside sleeper will ensure stability and safety when in use. It comes with additional safety straps to hook under the bed mattress. The bedside sleeper connects directly to the side of the bed without leaving any gaps. You can keep a close eye on your baby easily.

Flexible Heights Adjustment

Our bedside bassinet has 7 height adjustments, accommodating to various occasions. Equipped with adjustable base and height, the bedside bassinet can be lifted and rest over your own bed, letting you reach your baby and comfort your baby anytime. Your baby will sleep soundly at night knowing that you’re right there beside them.

Flexible Wheels

Our bedside bassinet comes with 4 built-in pulleys that allow you to move from your bedroom to the living room or whenever you want. There are an additional four non-slip feet designed to increase the stability of this baby delight bassinet. 

Breathable & Visual Mesh

This best bedside sleeper comes with a zipper design on the side that can be easily opened to help you take better care of your babies. You can reach in to soothe the baby or take your baby for a feeding when needed. 

Large Basket Storage

The best part of all, our side sleeper for baby contains a large storage section to store your baby’s essential items such as the milk bottle, a folded diaper machine, diaper wipes, and more. Besides, the side sleeper for babies is extremely sturdy and safe for your child to sleep in and grow in.


  • COMFORTABLE – Our bassinet that attaches to bed make babies feel comfortable and safe as if they are still in their mother’s womb. The baby crib contains a special mattress which acts as a weighted blanket to give the child the support it needs.
  • EASY TO WASH – Cleaning the bedside bassinet doesn’t have to be a task. The mattress within the bedside sleeper can easily be taken out and washed in a washing machine or manually. Keep it nice and clean for the baby’s positive health.
  • PORTABLE – Since the co sleeper bassinet can be simply setup in four simple steps and has a fold and unfold design, it is extremely portable. Plus, the fixed legs on the bottom make it extremely easy to drag the baby bassinet around to switch location.
  • ADJUSTABLE – With its versatile frame, the height of the bedside sleeper can be adjusted to match your bed or sofa. This way, you’ll have easier access to your baby while keeping your child at an arm’s length.
  • STURDY – Built with iron base parts, the baby bedside sleeper is extremely heavy-duty and durable. Not only that, but the baby bedside bassinet has a weight capacity of up to 33Ibs.
  • SKIN-FRIENDLY – High-quality materials for the bedside sleeper with the outside of bassinet is made of breathable and durable linen. 


Material: Aluminum Alloy with Cotton Mesh and Linen Fabric
Net Weight: 18lbs 
Dimensions: 22″(L) * 32″(W) * 37″(W)
Assembly Required: Yes
7 Adjustable Heights: 
  • Level 1: 15″
  • Level 2: 15.5″
  • Level 3: 16″
  • Level 4: 16.5″
  • Level 5: 17″
  • Level 6: 17.5″
  • Level 7: 18″
Suitable Age: 0 – 6 Months Old
Max Weight Load: 33lbs
  • Twinkle Grey
  • Cloud Grey
Package Includes:
  • 1x Elite Multi-Flexible Baby Bedside Bassinet
  • 1x Safety Strap
  • 1x Baby Bedding 
  • 1x User Manual Guide


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