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2-In-1 Ultrasonic Fuel Injector Cleaner And Tester Machine 4 Cylinders


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Looking for a fuel injector cleaner and tester to aid you in keeping your vehicle in proper shape? Our fuel system cleaning kit was made to ensure that your fuel injector performs at its best when you’re driving around.

Not only does the fuel injection tester clean your dirty fuel injectors, but it can also be used to test whether or not it has any damages. With this, you’ll always be aware of any issues that may arise when driving with faulty fuel injectors.

Best part of all, the fuel injector cleaning and tester machine does not require you to remove the car parts just to be able to clean them. You may keep your fuel injectors in top shape by maintaining them with the injector cleaner machine.


  • VERSATILE – The fuel injection cleaning kit not only cleanse fuel injectors, but it also does its work to clean the throttle valves and more. Besides, it can also serve a variety of automobiles that uses gasoline injectors.
  • HIGH QUALITY – Sit back and rely on our workshop-grade fuel injector cleaner to thoroughly clean your fuel injectors with its tried and tested process. All its components work smoothly together to produce flawless fuel injectors each time.
  • COMPACT – Measuring at only 10.75 inches in height and weighs less than 18lbs, the fuel injector cleaner and tester is compact and lightweight. It can be placed on any tabletop. Additionally, our fuel injector cleaner is easy and convenient to pack away without too much of a hassle since it will fit perfectly on a shelf.



Material: Aluminum Alloy Material
Dimensions: 10.24″(L) x 11.5″(D) x 10.75″(H)
Net Weight: 17.6lbs / 8kg
Power Supply: AC 220V
Frequency: 50Hz
Humidity: <85%
Environment Temperature: 0-40 °C
External Magnetic Field Strength: <400A/m
Tank Capacity 1300ml
Range of Rotation: 0-7500r/min
PWL Pulse Width: 0-20ms
Time: 0-20 minutes
Cleaning Frequency 40KHz
Cylinder Volume: 180ml
Injection Times: 0-9900 times
System Pressure: 0-0.6Mpa
Ultrasonic Cleaning Power: 70W
Package Dimensions: 340*295*360mm
Package Includes:
  • 1x Fuel Injector Cleaner 
  • 1x Manual Guide Book
  • 1x Necessary Tools (Refer to the picture below)


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