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13×108′ Geotextile Fabric Driveway Fabric Stabilization Underlayment 5oz


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  • 【WOVEN PP MATERIAL】- The driveway fabric is made of woven PP material, tensile, and corrosion-resistant, which prolongs the service life and stabilizes the road foundation.
  • 【LARGE DRIVEWAY FABRIC】- The commercial-grade driveway fabric is 13 ft/4 m wide and 108 ft/33 m long. It can cover 1415 square feet to provide a rugged separation layer between aggregate and subgrade.
  • 【GRAB TENSILE STRENGTH】- The fabric’s grab tensile strength can live up to 600 pounds to hold soil in place. Each roll offers superior stability and strength while protecting ruts and potholes from forming.
  • 【PERMEABLE TEXTILE】- The woven geotextile fabric can act as a stabilization and separation fabric. It has good permeability to prevent surface water depressions and forms a separation layer to provide convenience on the driveways.
  • 【VARIOUS USES】- The driveway underlayment fabric works for many applications from patios, parking areas, driveways, walking paths, etc. It can increase stability, provide erosion control and also works for slopes or flat spots.


Material PP
Dimensions 13×108 ft/4×33 m
Cover Area 1415 Square Feet
Grab Tensile Strength 600 Pounds
Function Underlayment Textile


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