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12” Extractor Fan Blower portable 10m Duct Hose Rubber Feet Utility Ventilator


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  • 12 Inch Utility Blower Extractor Fan: Color: Orange, Power: 520W, Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz, Material: Steel, Motor Speed: 2800 RPM, Air Flow: 2295 CFM / 3900 m³/h, Fan Diameter: 12 inch / 300 mm, Duct Expands Length: 32.8 ft / 10 m, Duct Thickness: 0.012 inch / 0.3 mm, Axial Fan Bearing Type: Ball Bearing, Noise: 69 dB(A), Static Pressure: 385 Pa, Current: 4.622A, Fan Dimensions(L x W x H): 13.7 x 14.8 x 15.8 inch / 348 x 376 x 401 mm, Net Weight: 36.38 lbs / 16.5 kg.
  • 520W Pure Copper Motor: This portable ventilation fan is designed with a high-velocity, high-volume output, 100% copper winding motor. 2800 RPM motor speed is suitable for long-term ventilation. It can move a large amount of air quickly with low noise of 69 dB (A).
  • 2295 CFM Large Air Flow: The large air volume of 2295 CFM / 3900 m³/h and 7 metal blades provides fast and effective ventilation, extracts the maximum air, and maintains high-efficiency work. Besides, 2 high-density covers to ensure portable ventilators work continuously and safely.
  • 32.8 FT Flexible PVC Ducting: This PVC ducting applies hard-wearing, flexible vinyl woven polyester with carbon wire spring and adhesive tape, smooth inside wall to be water-proof. Duct Expands Length: 32.8 ft / 10 m. Adjustable ropes and D-shaped rings are set for hanging the PVC flexible duct freely.
  • Sturdy & Humanized Design: The heavy-duty cylinder fan is equipped with a durable steel casing, bringing excellent durability and extending its service life. Two handles and four rubber feet allow you to use and carry effortlessly. Ideal for factories, basements, shipyards, farms, grain storage, warehouse, kitchen, office, workshops, tobacco, tunnel, automobile manufacturing, and more places requiring ventilation.
Color ‎Orange
Power 520 W
Voltage 110V
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Material Steel
Motor Speed 2800 RPM
Air Flow 2295 CFM / 3900 m³/h
Fan Diameter 12 inch / 300 mm
Duct Flexible PVC Ducting
Duct Expands Length 32.8 ft / 10 m
Duct Thickness 0.012 inch / 0.3 mm
Duct Diameter 12 inch / 300 mm
Axial Fan Bearing Type Ball Bearing
Noise 69 dB(A)
Static Pressure 385 Pa
Current 4.622A
Fan Dimensions(L x W x H) 13.7 x 14.8 x 15.8 inch / 348 x 376 x 401 mm
Net Weight 36.38 lbs / 16.5 kg


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