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10l Liquid Nitrogen Container Tank Ln2 Dewar Aluminum Refrigeration Insulation



  • 【SUPERIOR QUALITY】- ISO 13485 (medical equipment) standard and APRAGAZ MDD certification. The liquid nitrogen container is made of high-strength aviation aluminum alloy and has a service life. It can still work typically when the storage tank is scratched and deformed due to improper operation.
  • 【SAFE & RELIABLE】- The specially designed suction cup can be easily removed manually. When LN2 leaks from the internal storage tank into the cavity, it can release the pressure. Good welding quality and stamping process, all of which reduce the possibility of leakage in the inner box.
  • 【VACUUM DESIGN】- There is a big vacuum space between the outer shell and the inner container. The nitrogen tank is equipped with a gas adsorbent to adsorb other gases and maintain a high vacuum environment. High-quality vacuum plugs enhance the tightness.
  • 【LOCKABLE PLUG & ENHANCED HANDLE】- Lockable cover is low-temperature resistance, sound insulation, reduced evaporation of liquid nitrogen; enhanced handle: ergonomic design, non-slip safety, easy to move.
  • 【VARIOUS APPLICATION】- liquid nitrogen tank is widely used in animal husbandry, health care and scientific research, and mechanical processing. Using liquid nitrogen as a refrigerant saves the transportation of animal semen, vaccines, low-temperature assembly of bacteria, and other toxic species of biological samples, refrigeration health care, medical-surgical refrigeration, and precision processing of metal materials at low temperature.
Category Storage of series
Capacity 10L
Caliber 50mm
Outer Diameter 305mm
Height 558mm
Depth of Canister 111 mm
Diameter of Canister 35mm
weight 14.3 LBS/6.5kg
Number of Canisters 6 pcs
Static Hold Time (not in use) 90 days (Frequent use and opening of the lid will cause liquid nitrogen to volatilize and reduce storage time.)
Material Aluminum Alloy


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