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10l Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner With Heater 28/40khz Tub Basket Eyeglasses Large



  • ?【Powerful Cleaning Effect】40kHz frequency.deep cleaning,it can produce strong and soft impact, can be 360° all-round effective and deep cleaning, penetrate blind holes, cracks and grooves, thoroughly clean and remove stains on jewelry.
  • ?【Advanced Transducer】Ultrasonic cleaner is equipped with 4 advanced transducers (4x60W=240W). These transducers are balanced and placed to emit a stable vibration frequency, which greatly improves the cleaning efficiency.
  • ?【10L Stainless Steel Tank】Durable, water and corrosion resistant, it will last for years of use; the integrated 11.8×9.4×6 inch cleaning basket is perfect for keeping your small carburetors, circuit boards, jewelry, glasses, watches, razors, contact lenses, dentures or lab instruments in place.
  • ?【Digital Control Panel】Professional ultrasonic cleaner with digital control display.Heating temperature: 0-80 ° C/176℉ (adjustable).Time setting range:0-30min(adjustable).
  • ?【1 Year Warranty.】Ultrasonic cleaner features double fuse protection system prevents burnout: in the rare event of a power outage, be sure to check the fuse. Frequent turning on or off of the cleaner is not recommended. If you have any questions, welcome to consult; if the product is defective, it can be replaced free of charge.


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