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1000ml Heating Mantle Lab Equipment Laboratory Instant Heating Temp-control



  • Product Parameter: Stirring volume: 1000ML; Heating power: 500W; Maximum temperature: 450°C; Stirring speed: 0-2000 R/MIN, Frequency: 60Hz.
  • Alkali-free Glass Fiber: Alkali-free glass fiber is used as insulation materials, wire of nickel-chrome material is sealed in the insulation layer and weaved into semisphere internal heater.
  • Stirring & Heating Function: Electronic heating mode and magnetic stirring feature large heating area, fast warm-up, high-temperature evenness, and adjustable heating power.
  • Stable Operation: Magnetic stirring mantle adopts step-less speed operation, able to achieve stable, precise stirring to the liquid solution within a wider speed scope, especially in the experiments of samples with small volume.
  • Multiple Application: Ideal equipment for liquid heating and stirring used in the experimental analysis, and education & research development field.
Model 98-2-B
Specification 1000ml
Voltage 110V 60Hz
Max. Temperature 450℃
Heating Power 500W
Working Time Continuous
Stirring Speed 0~2000rpm
Exterior Dimensions ф280*220mm
Package Dimensions 280*280*275mm
Net Weight 5.5kg
Gross Weight 6kg


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