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1000kg Magnetic Lifter And 2pcs 3.6m Lifting Sling Forging Shackle Wear Resistance


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Here’s a combination of a 1000KG/2200LBS Steel Magnetic Lifter and two 4T/8800LBS 3.6M/11.8ft Yellow Round Lifting Slings.

1000KG/2200LBS Steel Magnetic Lifter

magnetic lifter is made with neodymium magnets which are used for 
lifting steel sheets, blocks, rods, cylinders and other magnetic
materials. The handle on the magnet features a lock-on/lock-off
mechanism that requires the operator to manually switch between the two
states. The V slot on the bottom is ideal for flat or round loading
surfaces. The U-loop shackle hook allows for the easy attachment of
slings and low residual magnetism for rapid handling.

use advanced N45 Magnet Material to provide superstrong magnetism for
you, and its max pulling power equals to 1000kg/2200lbs with safety
factor of 3.5, while most of our competitors use N40/N42 magnet material
whose safety factor is between 2 to 2.5. Our N45 Magnet is stronger,
lasts longer and can attach rough or round surface. We guarantee you a
safer and more efficient working environment.

the magnetic lifter is made with super strong neodymium magnets, which
is used for lifting steel sheet, block, rod, cylindrical and other
magnetic material.
requires no electricity, which is widely used in the industrial world
for making steel projects move more efficiently. Each item must be
tested qualified before they are sent out of the factory.

Note: Please clean the surface of the steel sheet before using it; Prohibit standing under the steel sheet when the steel sheet is lifted; Please do not control the handle when there is no any steel sheet under the magnetic lifter; There are more magnets in our magnetic lifter, so the magnetism is  stronger.

4T/8800LBS 3.6M/11.8ft Yellow Round Lifting Sling

Yellow Round Lifting Sling, made of premium polyester, it is resistant to wear and corrosion. Conforming to international standard, rated load of this yellow round lifting sling is 4T/8800lbsYou can still tell the rated load by its color even the label is worn out. Comparing with chain sling, it feature s light weight and causes no personal harm even falling off from a
high height. What’s more, its soft surface can prevent goods from damage. Widely used in port, wharf, chemical industry, steel industry, machinery industry and other lifting places.
During lifting, don’t twist the sling.
PET is resistant to inorganic acids, but is vulnerable to organic acids.

 Friendly Note:
The Magnetic Lifter may be in different packages and be delivered separately. 
Please do not worry, you will receive ALL the parcels in recent days after the order.

1000KG/2200LBS Steel Magnetic Lifter

  • N 42-45 Magnet material
  • Forging material and machining technical
  • Baking paint
  • Stainless steel handle and ring
  • Titanium alloys board
  • Double safety guaranteed handle
  • Easy use: handle with on/off control – attach or detach material
  • V slot of bottom lifting face – lift round and flat material
  • Low residual magnetism for rapid handling
  • Large U-loop shackle hook allows easy attachment of slings

4T/8800LBS 3.6M/11.8ft Yellow Round Lifting Sling

  • Brand condition
  • Made of premium polyester, resistant to wear and corrosion
  • Rated load up to 4T/8800LBS
  • Light weight, simple operation
  • Lifting steadily and safely
  • Improved labor efficiency and cost savings
  • The multiple fiber construction makes the round sling soft and flexible
  • Widely used in port, wharf, chemical industry, steel industry, machinery industry and other lifting places
  • Comes with 2-year warranty


1000KG/2200LBS Steel Magnetic Lifter

  • Model: PML-10
  • Item net weight: 35kg(77 lb)
  • Operating temperature: <=80℃
  • Maximum weight capacity: 1000kg(2200 lb)
  • Max pulling power: 2500kg(5500 lb)
  • Safety factor: 3.5
  • Maximum weight for curved surface/vertical lift: 350-450kg(771-992lb)
  • Steel plate thickness: >=5MM (the thicker the steel plate, the stronger the suction)

4T/8800LBS 3.6M/11.8ft Yellow Round Lifting Sling

  • Material: polyester
  • Number: 2
  • Length: 3.6m/11.8ft
  • Rated Load: 4T/8800lbs
  • Safety Factor: 6:1
  • Working Temperature: -40℃-100℃
  • International Standard: JB/T8521.12007
  • Packing Weight: 2.5kg/6lbs
  • Packing Size: 60x15x13cm/24×5.9×5.1inch

1000KG/2200LBS Steel Magnetic Lifter

  • 1 x Main Unit
  • 1 x Hexagon wrench
  • 1 x English manual

4T/8800LBS 3.6M/11.8ft Yellow Round Lifting Sling

  • 2 x 4T 3.6M Yellow Round Lifting Sling


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