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10 Ton Air-cooled Industrial Chiller 30kw Lcd 145l Water Tank Stainless Steel


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  • 【HIGH PERFORMANCE COMPRESSOR】- The Air Cooled Chiller apllies Panasonic compressor which features stable and reliable running, less vibration, less noise, easy maintenance and long life. Cooling Capacity: 25710 Kcal/h. 1HP centrifugal pump could make a 19m lift.
  • 【SUPERIOR COOLING SYSTEM】- Highly efficient evaporator and condenser to save energy. Compressor Power: 10HP, Pipe Diameter: 0.3 inch. Stainless steel water tank volume is 145L. Water Flow: 200L/min.
  • 【PROFESSIONAL PROTECTION SYSTEM】- Built-in overload protector, high and low pressure switch, electronic timer delay and fault display system. Environmental Temperature: ≤45℃.
  • 【SMART MICRO-COMPUTER CONTROL】- Multi-functional Micro-computer Control table include Smart LCD Display, micro-computer control, power buttons for Compressor and Condenser. Adjustable temperature within 5℃-45℃. Alarm prompt function.
  • 【EASY SETUP & OPERATION】- According to the chiller machine installation diagram, connect the waterpipe. Chilled water and cooling water ought to be separated. plastics injection molding, blow molding, thermoforming, waterjet cutting, metal fabricating, welding, MRI & laser, imaging & scanning, food & beverage, and more.
Power 220V/3PH/60HZ
Compressor Motor Power 10HP/7.35KW
Cooling Capacity 30KW/25710Kcal/h
Tank Volume 145L
Refrigerant Charge 4KG
Coolant Type R407C
Condenser Type Copper Tube Aluminum Fin Set
Condenser Air Volume 11160m3/h
Fhilled Fater 200m3/h
Pipe Diameter 1/5″
Pump Power 1HP
Lift 19m (62.34 ft)
Weight 450kg (992.08 lb)


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