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10 Quart Single Acting Hydraulic Pump Dump Trailer Iron Crane Car



  • Product Details: Our hydraulic pump is designed with a 12V DC motor (Power: 1.6-3.0kw) and a 10-quart reservoir. The max relief pressure on A port (SAE#6) is 3200 PSI, and on B port (SAE#6) is 1500 PSI; it is a single-acting pump for power up and gravity down.
  • Easy to Use: This 12V hydraulic power unit has been fully assembled in advance. The wiring is simple and comes with operating instructions. One additional SAE#6 connector and one 15 ft remote control are included in the package.
  • Reliable Quality: The dump trailer pump is made of sturdy metal; thus, the oil tank is not easy to crack or be damaged. As a power unit, this is a perfect replacement pump for remote hydraulic systems. Equipped with an overflow valve, it automatically releases when overpressure, safer and reliable.
  • Rapid Start: With its powerful motor, this hydraulic electric pump is quick to start and quick to output oil; it can provide strong power for hydraulic systems like dump trailers, dump beds and is able to complete lifting in a short time.
  • Wide Application: This power unit is widely used in stackers, small, and medium-sized lifting platforms. It is compatible with many dump trailers and movers and is a direct replacement for 12V DC remotely controlled hydraulic systems.
Model 10QSAMHP
Tank Material Metal
Tank Capacity 10L/ 10Quart/ 2.5 Gal
Flow 2.0 GPM
Max. Relief Valve Setting A Port 3200 PSI
Max. Relief Valve Setting B Port 1500 PSI
Rated Speed 2850R/MIN
Voltage DC12V
Power 1.6KW (Rated), 3.0KW (Max)
Duty 3 Min
Traffic 1.1 cc/r
Rotation Clockwise
Connector SAE # 6
Mount Position Horizontal/ Vertical
Control Solenoid and Handheld Pendant
Pendant Control Length 15ft/ 4.5 m


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