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10.8ft Light Track Rail 110v 10rpm Grow Light Mover Adjustable Drive Mover


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  • 【PREMIUM MATERIAL】- This light mover kit consists of a rail motor and a 10.8 ft grow light mover. The rail is composed of durable aluminum alloy, lightweight for easy use.
  • 【GROW LIGHT MOVER KIT】- The grow light mover features 10 r/min speed, and it has a 2-120 second adjustable time delay plus adjustable travel distance.
  • 【EXTENDED LENGTH】- The grow light mover includes three pieces moving rails, 10.8 ft in total. The metal tablets are provided to extend the rail’s length as you need.
  • 【EASY OPERATION】- Our rail light mover is designed with an on/off button that it stops at any position without unplugging for your convenient uses.
  • 【VARIOUS USES】- The grow light mover can illuminate the plants and provide uniform lighting for the plants. It can endure for any light at any weight.
  • Specification

    Voltage 110V
    Rail Material Aluminum Alloy
    Total Length 10.8 ft(3.3 m)
    Speed 10 r/min
    Time Delay 2-120 Second
    Cable 14.4 ft(4.4 m)
    Maximum Weight 44 lbs(20 kg)


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