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1.5kw Air-cooling Spindle Motor And 1.5kw Variable Frequency Drive Inverter,vfd


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This item is a high-quality air cooled spindle with stainless steel 304 casing, and Germany made ball bearing. Newly upgraded with adopt Germany imported bearing: three times valuable time than ordinary spindle motor. Speed: 8000-24000 R / min. Run-out off: less than 0.005mm. Power: 1.5KW. ER113.175mm, 4mm, 6mm).

This VFD can be used for constant torque loads ( such as hard starting: Air compressors, HVAC units) and variable torque loads (such as pumps, fans, etc.). It can be used as a motor speed control and a phase converter. The input for this VFD is 1 or 3 phases as you like. You can control the different speeds as you want when you use this VFD. This item uses Sine wave PWN(SPWM ) for the control system and performance excellently.

  • [PRODUCT DETAILS]– The 1.5KW air cooled spindle motor’s speed is 8000-24000 R / min, 400 Hz frequency, and less than 0.005 mm run-out off. The 1.5KW variable frequency drive uses PID control, advanced calculates PID closed-loop arithmetic, quick responding speed, and high suitability.
  • [PREMIUM QUALITY]– The spindle motor adopts Germany’s imported bearing. The VFD inverter single to 3 phase is also made of high-quality material. So both of them have stable performance, easy operation, high quality, less noise and so on.
  • [POWERFUL PERFORMANCE]– With powerful anti-jamming capability; With low output ratting torque, low speed running ability; Simple Internal PLC, six multifunctional input terminals, to achieve operation, zero speed, calculator, external exception program instructions and alarm; Auto voltage regulation (AVR) technique, for ensuring the CNC VFD inverter load capability.
  • [SAFETY PROTECTION]– Adopts overload protection, fuse protection, over-voltage (DC voltage>400V) or under-voltage (DC voltage<200V) protection, restart protection, stall protection, short-circuit protection and over-heat protection.
  • [WORKS COOPERATIVELY]– The air-cooled spindle, together with variable frequency drive inverter, it’s a nice combination to improve the work efficiency and performance of the VFD.

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Package for Variable Frequency Drive Inverter

  • 1 x 1.5KW Variable Frequency Drive Inverter
  • 1 x English Manual

Package for Spindle Motor

  • 1 X 1.5KW Air Cooled Spindle Motor


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